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Building a Concert Ukulele Al McWhorter walks you through the construction process of building a concert ukulele. This is a well documented article.

Ralph Shaw King of the Ukulele! The creator of the acclaimed teaching video: The Complete Ukulele Course. Ralph is a British ukulele performer and uke teacher now living in Canada.



Ukulele Tabs - Another sources of ukulele tabs (Many from Youtube Videos).

 Moore Bettah Ukuleles - Chuck Moore is building beautiful ukes on the Big Island.

 The Bean Sprout Banjo Ukulele Company - Finally a Banjo Ukulele that is ready for the 21st century! Bean Sprout banjo ukuleles are loud and bright but with a woody depth. Just what you need to cut through the band and get the volume you need, while producing the pleasing sound that you want! Check em out. 

Ukulele Underground is a new resource for everything uke online! Learn to play the ukulele with online video lessons, tips and tricks, LIVE broadcasts, song help and much more!

Ukulele Bartt - The Ukulele Bartt Sextet

PDF Minstrel - Baritone and Tenor Tabs

Live Ukulele - Loads of tabs, tips, techniques and more

Ukulele-Tabs - Large collection of songs with chord diagrams and more

Palm Tree Ukuleles - Palm Tree Ukuleles are built with hand-selected Hawaiian koa in Colorado Springs, Colorado

 Curt Sheller - Book, Lessons, TABS, Songs and links for Builders, Manufactures, Strings, Uke Sites and more

Got a Ukulele - Ramblings of an ukulele player, ukulele reviews, string reviews and general chat about the Jumping Flea!

Ukelele University - Have you Hugged Your Uke Today is the slogan behind Ukelele University (spelled wrong for a reason). Ukelele University was created by Stu Herreid (aka Ukulele Stu).

Chonkinfeckle - The ukulele duo from Wigan, Lancashire are playing their darn fine ukulele tunes with a bit of twist.

Ukulele Buyers Guide - Here is a great tool for those interested in buying their first ukulele.

Ukulele Chords - Here is a great site for all kinds of ukulele chords.

Southern Ukulele Store - Here's a site that may be of interest to you ukers out there.


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